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About us

MicroAC Softwares is Specialized in Customizable Softwares. MicroAC Softwares is a leading high end Software Development Company with extensive experience in designing Customizable Softwares as per the requirement of the clients. This includes development of Masters, Entries, Reports, Graphs, Mails, SMSs, Alerts, Tools, Utilities, Scripts etc.

Our company has already made softwares in many areas (fields) for various clients with high quality solutions for each requirement of the client. Various Built-In advanced Tools & Utilities are major achivement in our software for which lot of development & testing time is devoted.

With current scenerio of high competition, analysis of data in different ways is important. Our software provides the same with various reporting like grid reports, group reports, user reports, graph reports, specialized reports etc. with which user can view as well as create new reports as per requirement. To be updated with the system, various functionality are provided like Send Mail, SMSs, Auto Mailing, Reminders, Alerts etc.

Other than Customizable Softwares, simple invoice software we are also developing best invoicing software various other Specialized Products which are based on certain functionality and work as separate softwares.

We Value our Clients

We believe that

“Customer is the King”

At MicroAC Softwares, we value our clients and thus work in a flexible environment for software development process which can be easily adjusted as per client's requirements. High quality work is a prerequisite for every task we undertake, as we consider that "every day counts". And why not, we know that a happy and satisfied customer ensures our success, a long-term engagement, and a key to generating more business!

Since 2012

We have many years of hands on experince in Software Development and Analysis.

  • • Basic Accounting
  • • Inventory Management
  • • Advance Accounting
  • • Other modules add
  • • Complete integrated ERP suite
  • • Migrated to cloud
  • • Auto intellegence

We Believe in Quality

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide with quality work and consider "every effort counts". Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is the key to success in outsourcing business; and we stick to the basics. Quality assurance is an inherent part of every project we undertake.


Online ERP software

  • • Cost effective development
  • • Accessible anywhere
  • • Accessible for a range of devices
  • • Improved interoperability
  • • Online billing software have a lot of advantages, for example, they don’t require installation and updating which saves a lot of administration work for large companies.
  • • They’re also good for users who have more than one computer, as all their data and preferred software is accessible on multiple devices.
  • • Work from anywhere anytime. Web based software can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. Data is available from anywhere
  • • No physical software to download, install, update or manage. The software is always up to date and down times are minimized with redundant systems off site.
  • • Mobile device applications allow for access to the software when out of the office. Productivity remains high as employees can get the work they need done now.
  • • Online invoicing software is compatible with any device or platform. The invoice and inventory software is delivered through a browser of the users choice.
  • • Scalability. With web based software you can easily add more user license in seconds. No more installations and configurations on every work station or laptop.

Cloud Domain & Hosting Service Provider

  • • MicroAC offers cheap Windows hosting services.
  • Find unlimited hosting (India/USA) ASP / PHP / JSP Tomcat Java / ASP.net / MS SQL / MySQL / Front page etc.
  • • Windows Hosting
  • • Shared web hosting is the quickest way to get your website online.
  • • You can select Windows Hosting to host ASP.NET based websites.
  • • Our Shared Hosting comes with 99.9% or higher guaranteed uptime, 24x7x365 Super-Fast Support
  • • Each Hosting account comes with Plesk Panel to manage ASP.NET (2,3.5,4.5) , SQL Server (2008 and 2012) , PHP (5 and 7) and MySQL
  • • Linux Hosting
  • • Shared web hosting is the quickest way to get your website online.
  • • You can select Linux SSD Web Hosting to host HTML/PHP based websites.
  • • We offer Linux SSD Web Hosting on India based servers so that your website is closest your visitors location guaranteeing fastest website loading speeds.
  • • Our Shared Hosting comes with 99.9% or higher guaranteed uptime, 24x7x365 Super-Fast Support.

SMS Services Provider

  • • SMS Service With the advent of mobile technology, it's continuously witnessing the increase in users having mobile devices. Without implementing technological changes and marketing methods you cannot expect to grow in this competitive world.
  • • Sending SMS is, therefore, considered the most convenience and fast way to convey information to multiple users within a blink of eyes. Online SMS services, provided by MicroAC Softwares are planned to leverage the maximum benefits of this tech savvy world at most optimal charges.
  • • Minimal Equipment Requirement
  • • Sending SMSs online through the web interface of MicroAC Softwares is super-simple due to the elegant interface which has multiple options and features to help users while sending the SMS. The only requirements to send the SMSs to your clients are - an Internet-enable device with a good connection.
  • • Customized Plans & Costs to amuse you
  • • Our plans are variable as we understand the unique of your business. Along with some pre-decided plans, we also entertain customized plans so that small, medium as well large enterprises can use our SMS services without any hassles. Our pricing is perfect and planned to suit your pockets.

WhatsApp Business API Provider

  • • Reach your customers with Automated WhatsApp Messages.
  • • WhatsApp Business API
  • • One client to get customer order or confirmation.
  • • Easily notify to your customer

Mobile Application

  • • Massive chance to grow E-business
  • • Get official interaction with customers
  • • Easily meets the targeted customer
  • • Makes you more comfortable
  • • Seasonal business gains more choice.
  • • Use any time anywhere !!!

Website Development

  • • Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness
  • • Easy Access to New Customers
  • • Improve Productivity
  • • Promote & Sell Products & Services
  • • Set-up Email Addresses
  • • Improve Customer Service
  • • Save Money on Printing and Distribution Costs
  • • Easy to Use and Update
  • • Expand Your Market
  • • Your Own Internet Identity
  • • Build Your Reputation
  • • Easy to Get Contact Detail

Tally Customization

  • • Every business is unique and thereby has its own unique requirements. Some of these are fulfilled by default ERP software that a business uses, while some others need customized ERP solution.
  • • Data Migration from other software to Tally.ERP 9. If the data is of a different format, then you can customize that data and import it easily into Tally.ERP 9

Excel Customization (VBA)

  • • You can automate almost anything you do in Excel. To do so, you write instructions that Excel carries out. Automating a task by using our coding.
  • • Excel always executes the task in exactly the same way. (In most cases, consistency is a good thing.)
  • • Excel performs the task much faster than you can do it manually (unless, of course, you’re Clark Kent).
  • • Excel always performs the task without errors (which probably can’t be said about you or me).


Custom Software Development

  • Mfg. And Accounting

  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Quality Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Process Management
  • Executive Information System
  • More Info Contact
inventory management
  • Inventory Management Software

  • Quality Management System
  • Sales Process Management
  • Stock management
  • Account Maintain
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Hotel Reservations

  • Rooms Booking
  • Day Picnic Booking
  • KOT
  • Account Maintain
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
Basic Accounting
  • Basic Accounting

  • Maintain Purchase
  • Maintain Sale
  • Maintain Payment
  • Maintain Receipt
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Stainless Steel Mfg.

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Maintain Inward/Outward
  • Maintain Production Process
  • Maintain Inventory Stock
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Transport & Logistics

  • LR Entry
  • Invoice Generate
  • Collection
  • Inward/Outward Stock
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Courier Service

  • Doc Booking
  • Doc Tracking
  • Delivery Detail
  • Collection
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • e commerce sites

  • Online Selling
  • Order Tracking
  • Maintain Inventory
  • Offer Scheme
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Gas Distributor

  • New Cylinder Booking
  • Gas Cylinder Godown Stock
  • Delivery on time
  • Collection
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact
  • Electricals & Sanitary

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Maintain
  • Account Maintain
  • Multiple Reports & Email System
  • More Info Contact
  • Textile Industry

  • Purchase System
  • Sale System
  • Barcode Maintain Stock
  • Multiple Size, Color
  • Multiple Reports
  • More Info Contact

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